Friday, December 2, 2011

New Blog Home for Modern Monday & Traditional Tuesday

Jenifer Dick has launched a new updated fancy-schmancy blog.  It's bright.  It's cheerful.  It's got quick links to all the blocks for the two samplers currently underway - Modern Monday and Tradtional Tuesday 
If you follow her old blog, you'll want to sign up on the new one, cuz a little birdie whispered in my ear that when she's done transfering her files, pics, patterns and tutorials - the old blog is going to slowly fade away...
Meanwhile.... back in the mess that is the distracted quilter's home (and fat cat too), I am anxiously getting my crap act together to skedaddle out of town for a job interview (blogger really should have a sound effect - something dramatic or angelic would be appropriate here).  I'd love to be sewing, sorting, quilting.... but I need to land a job or I, my cat, and my fabric will all be homeless soon.  I have no illusions as to Lucas's fidelity.  He may be affectionate, but his priorities are food, some place warm to snooze, and catnip.  So I've been studying, drinking gallons of coffee, biting my fingernails and alternately laughing with excited joy and crying with anxious terror.
I'll be back next Tuesday, and will have time to do a little catch up then, while waiting for the results of the first round of testing.


  1. Michele, you`ll be are are are are just the kind of employee that they are looking for...take a deep breath, smile, face your fear, and wow them!
    Good luck!

  2. Hope your interview goes well. Thanks for telling us about the new blog! Good luck!!

  3. I wish you the best with the interview, Michele. I can't imagine anyone not wanting you to work for them!

  4. Good Luck, try not to worry. I feel you'll do just great.

  5. You are creative and clever and very personable; who wouldn't want you? Here's hoping for the best job interview ever that lands the big bucks!

  6. Good luck! I'm sure you will do fine.