Modern Monday

Started September 19, 2011.  Hosted by Jenifer Dick on her blog Forty-Two Quilts
New blocks will be posted every Monday until we have a total of 64 blocks.  Or, in my case, twice that number, since I'm making two of each block.

Modern Monday Group Pool on Flickr

Jenifer's blog page with links to all the blocks is here

I decided to make mine in Hallowe'en colours.

Week 1

My first block (I made two, as you can see).

And I made a home for my fabrics and blocks to ensure they don't get lost in stash and that the fabrics don't get used in something else.

Week 2

Making two blocks is almost easier than making one.  I have to run a thread bunny (or leader n' ender) through at the tail end of my sewing to save thread and for the simple fact that when I start sewing with loose threads dangling, it just bungs up on the backside of my piecing.  All my sewing machines are like that.  So, by having two blocks to sew - they act as the thread-bunny for each other.

All my blocks to this point.

Week 3
I think I spent more time picking the fabrics I wanted in each of my blocks than I did actually sewing them.  Still making two blocks a week.  I'll either have a big bed-sized quilt, or two co-ordinating lap quilts with different blocks.

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7
My alternate Hallowe'en blocks until I get my applique skills up to a level I can live with...

Week 8

Blocks to date at Week 8

Week 9