Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home Again Home Again... Jiggedy-Jig

The testing for the new job went very well.  I knew I had nailed it as soon as it was over.  When I got home last night (to an enthusiastic greeting by my lonely fat cat) there was a voice-mail message inviting me back for a panel interview next week.  Hooray!  Not that I have previously found submitting to a panel interview is necessarily something to look forward to with anything but trepidation, but at this point I'd be excited at running an obstacle course set up by the military if it meant I could get a good job.

That gives me a week to do a little catch up on my Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday Sampler blocks, finish my pieced border on the Great HST Caper, sew the binding on a queen size quilt that has been languishing since it got back from the long-arm quilter, and generally surf all my favourite quilt blogs to see what everyone else is up to.  I'm glad now that I did not jump in on Orca Bay as it would have to be put aside while my life is in transitional turmoil.

Off to fondle my fabrics and make nice to my neglected sewing machine...


  1. WooHoo--way to go Michele. I was just thinking about you this morning wondering how things had gone with your testing. Glad to hear the good news.
    Have fun with your fabrics for a while. Be sure and share your progress!

  2. That is great and probably a big relief. Like Janet said its time to have fun and go fondle.

  3. That is good news - well done on the first step. Will holds thumbs for the Panel interview.
    Enjoy your fabrics and your cat!
    How is your back?

  4. Hope that things are going well for you, but if not, I recommend sewing and eating chocolate.