Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peeking - Box # 7

I opened Box # 7 and found a forgotten and unfinished carry-all bag, made from scrappy disappearing 9 patch.  I have the patch work fabric and lining ready, but did not make it to the craft/fabric store to purchase the additional items required to finish the project.

Under the bag parts, there were enough sliced disappearing 9 patch blocks to make a second bag or another project of my choosing.

Don't know what disappearing 9 patch is?  Check out the links to tutorials on Disappearing 9 patch, listed in the Fast & Easy Patterns at Quilting Library Blog

But while I have the camera handy and a stack of sliced blocks, here's a few pics of the process and what you can do with them.

And under the sliced up 9 patches, sliced up 3" squares, 3" x 6" bricks, 3" strips and 6" x 6" squares.

If you read my comments in an earlier blog entry on these size blocks, you might well imagine my reaction at finding more of them. But I spent an hour organizing pattern books last night and came across a pattern that would be great with dark 3" squares. (Actually it uses strip piecing, but it would be so good to use up the last of the 3" stuff.)

Plan:  Unfinished bag to the next in line (am I up to 5 yet?);  the sliced 9 patches into a baggie in my UFO bin until I decide what I want to do with them, and a copy of the wanna-do pattern into the box.  The old distracted me would have immediately started working on a new project.  Instead, I've listed it in the wanna-do someday patterns.  The quicker I finish up some projects, the sooner I can start something new.

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