Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stash Reorganization - Delightful Surprises

It's like Christmas in August.  I'd forgotten more than half of what was in this bin.

I thought it was all quilt tops waiting to go to the long arm quilter.  There were definitely some surprises in here.

I forgot I had this winter toile in green.  I originally bought it on Ebay with a goal of using it for home decorating.  I ran it through the washer and dryer and it came out beautifully.  There's almost five yards - definitely a great backing for a Christmas quilt.  Hooray.

This is an extra wide backing, Thimbleberries Blue and Cream, that I bought because I definitely want to make a blue and cream quilt one day from my Thimbleberries fabrics and wanted the backing to go with it.  This is from the days when I thought the backing fabrics had to be one fabric and match the quilt fabrics.  I've broadened my horizons since then, though I still intend to save it for that future blue and cream quilt.

Another unexpected find.  I bought this fabric ten years ago to make bedroom curtains in a different apartment.  The fabric was stiff, but it read 100% cotton on the selvage so I ran it through the washer and dryer.  Wow!  The sizing came out leaving it silky soft but sturdy enough to pass inspection with even the snootiest quilt fabric snob.  It's 54" wide and I have 4 yards.  Another good backing.  These pretty florals aren't everyone's taste, I know, but I still like pretty florals and the pink and periwinkle are really quite lovely.

This hideous blue solid was on sale at a fabric store going out of business.  I bought enough to make a backing and haven't been able to force myself to use it yet.

The biggest surprise was finding new fabrics I had obviously tucked in the bin in a hurry.  I've long given up trying to find these.  Three yards of Christmas fabric, four yards of Kona black solid, a Fig Tree Layer Cake, and a bright charm pack.

Then there was this three pound bag of Christmas fabric remnants from the gals in my sewing circle.  I had completely forgotten them.  There are enough fabrics and scraps here to make a couple of Christmas quilts.  I don't have many seasonal themed fabrics in my stash so this is a delightful find.

What else did I find in the bin?  Check out my next post.

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