Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stash Reorganization - Quilt tops in Limbo

What else did I find in that second bin?  A quilt top that still needs borders, two different sets of quilt blocks, and four quilt tops with accompanying backings waiting to go to the long arm quilter.  It's hard to justify spending money on long arming when unemployed.  Clearly leaving them to become creased and funny smelling in a bin isn't the answer either.  I'm going to iron the tops and backs and hang them on hangers - and tag them with the exact measurement of batting each one needs.

The first one is a bright Yellow Brick Road.  Take a look at the backing - I've crumb pieced the scraps, log cabin style and added them to the backing.

The first of two Thimbleberry sampler block-of-the-month quilts.  For the backing, I didn't have enough of any of the fabrics that I liked so I created an off centre four patch from two gold tonal thimbleberry fabrics. generously provides a tutorial and instruction for making this backing.

The second Thimbleberry block-of-the-month.  The backing is another off-centre four patch, this time in pink and green, displayed on the table in front of the quilt top.

This one is a Farmer's Daughter blocks in pink, green and cream thimbleberries fabrics.  Bet you didn't realize Thimbleberries had so many different pinks!  This has special meaning for me, being a farmer's daughter.  For the backing, I needed to add about 8" to the backing so I added a strip of scrappy stars.

A stack of 42 blocks (Yellow Brick Road) waiting to be pieced into a quilt top.

Different size blocks for a sampler (done block of the month from patterns on the web).  Luckily I printed out the instructions and kept them with the finished blocks because it has a pieced border and there's a way to fit the different size blocks together.

Below is my crumb quilt waiting for borders.  I ran out of Kona black solid to sash it - lucky I found that four yard purchase in the same bin eh?  I love these blocks.  Interested in crumb piecing?  Here's a few links to tutorials you'll find fun.

And lastly, a rather ghastly autumn table topper that never got made into a topper.

Every last bit of fabric and batting from these two bins has been reassigned a new home.  The bins now empty are ready to be repurposed or donated to someone else.  I think I'll use them to gather my next donation for the Women in Need.

Want a peek into the boxes?  Keep coming back.

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