Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back in HSTs

I spent most of the morning cutting, sewing and ironing all those extra half-square triangles I need to finish my Great HST Caper blocks.  (See, I thought those plastic containers would come in handy once the chocolate bars were finished... no, I didn't eat them all myself.  I bagged up the bars from these two containers and dropped them off at my salon when I went in for a trimHonest!)  I've got the HSTs separated into two piles - seams ironed to the dark and seams ironed to the light.

I have about 280 HSTs made, more than enough to finish off my flying geese components with a few extras for colour choice as I make them.  I rank high on my list of most annoying occurrences in quilting - the getting to the end of a long line of scrappy chain piecing only to discover that the last half dozen units being sewn together are all the same fabric.  Unless interrupted by something more exciting, I will be sewing flying geese this evening.  I had intended to get these done in a more gradual approach (like, say, over a few days), rather than with the single-minded obsessive maniacal intensity I had today, but once I got started I couldn't seem to stop.  (That may have something to do with the housework chores I had assigned myself today.)

The one good thing about sewing triangles cut on the bias for these HSTs, is that they are almost perfectly sized from using my Easy Angle ruler.  So I am going to try sewing these together without the added labour of trimming off a thread or two from each one to make them absolutely perfect.  I figure I can always square them up as four-patches if I have to.  Squaring and trimming 62 is a whole lot more preferable to squaring and trimming 280.

I feel like such a rebel... a rebel who has a very grubby apartment but 280 new HSTs to play with.


  1. You are fast! I agree with your thoughts on trimming.
    You can always do the housework tomorrow!

  2. He he he! You are making great work on those HSTs. I agree that trimming only a few compared to 280 sounds less daunting.
    About the housework...What is one more day?

  3. Trimming is one of those "necessary evils" of quilting. I don't know anyone who has admitted to enjoying it.
    "single-minded obsessive maniacal intensity" *LOL*
    You will have this top finished in no time!

  4. I love the new layout of your HSTs. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the encouragement! I am following your example and cutting my scraps too. My scraps were taking over!

  5. That is a lot of hat unit! Sounds like lots more fun than cleaning.