Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Great HST Caper - Blocks done

Filled up my design wall with finished Great HST Caper blocks.  My last row doesn't fit on the wall or in the picture.   I've got every light on in the apartment to counteract the grey day outside and it seems to be making photos a little washed out or yellow.  Or maybe my camera battery just needs recharging.

I didn't notice until I was laying out my blocks that I had pressed the last two seams joining my block rows in the wrong direction.  I proceeded by turning every other block one quarter turn anticipating that it would all work, then noticed the error.  I will have to repress them all towards the block centre so that they'll interlock as I join my blocks.  Take a look at the back of this block - what a hodge podge of seams.

Now I'm thinking about borders and experiencing my usual border anxiety (serious border disorder, remember?) - not exactly breaking out into a nervous sweat, but definitely chewing on my bottom lip.  Didn't we just go through this not that long ago?

This light coloured floral actually works quite well, assuming I want this quilt to read as light.  Most of my quilts are quite dark country colours; it might be nice to have one that looks summer-y.  The blocks use equal amounts of dark and light scrappy fabrics, so if I add a dark border, I think it would read as dark.

If I don't use this floral for borders, it's definitely going to be used as the backing. Now I'm thinking if I use it for borders, I will want a dark zinger for a narrow frame around my blocks. Pretty much any colour will work for that.

Call me crazy, but I'm also thinking of making a couple hundred dark flying geese from scrappy 2.5" x 4.5" bricks for a pieced border... or a piano key border?, or a couple of columns of staggered upright bricks?  or maybe parallel sew-n-flip corners to make that zig-zag looking border strip (reminiscent of my sashing strips for the Shady Lanes quilt in my post - here )  I would love to work in more of these fabric scraps into this top.


  1. Michele, it is fantastic! I have really enjoyed your daily updates and this quilt sure seems to have come together quickly, when you think of all the pieces and sewing. It is stunning! Good luck with your border...I normally go with a darker border but I'm a creature of habit. Well done!

  2. Which way to press the seams is the big mystery when assembling a bunch of HSTs.
    I think you are right--the quilt will read either light or dark, depending on your border. How does it feel to have such power at your fingertips?
    Okay--I'll call you crazy. You're crazy, Michele, after all of those HSTs, to even consider piecing the border. Either that or you are smart, because it would look great, but I always take the easy way out and use the excuse that I am giving the eye a place to rest from the busy design.

  3. Awesome! I love it so much. Any of your border ideas would be amazing.

  4. Michele, this is the kind of quilt I try to do. So homey, so much color, so much excitement. I can't wait to see what you do with it from here.

    Cathy B

  5. the great hst quilt is fabulous! border idea: make a dark narrow border, then a zig zag border, then another narrow border. just a thought!

  6. Woo hoo - congrats on getting those blocks together!! If you're going to use that floral on its own for the border a narrow inner border would be best. If you're going with the zigzag (which I think would look great) you could do a small inner border of the floral, then the zig-zag with the floral as a final outer border. A darker scrappy binding would finish it all off nicely. Another idea to think on :)

  7. Looks fantastic! I understand your thoughts about the borders. I often think I'm nearing the end of a project only to come up with ideas that will prolong it. Good luck with your decision.
    I've started pressing my seams open, in part, to avoid this problem.

  8. Great work Michele! You are a super woman!!!!
    For the border, a light inner border, with a zig-zag border, as suggested by Helen. I think that will look awesome. But hey, it is your quilt, go with how you feel...

  9. The quilt is fabulous, the zig zag border would be a stunning finish, & IMHO Helen has a great idea there! I vote for that!
    I can't wait to see it completed!! Brava!

  10. Wow and wow! It is so pretty. It is so big. It is so busy.
    I love the fabric you are showing for a simple wide border with an inner narrow dark border and a final finish with dark binding to not show dirt when handled.
    I think that the quilt is complicated enough to enjoy a simple border treatment. That's my story an' I'm stickin' to it!