Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great HST Caper - update

I am making speedy progress on my HST project since yesterday.  Today I chain pieced all the 30 block centres and the 120 four patches for the corners.  I have half the 120 flying geese units pieced.  They are piled up on my ironing board for pressing.

I'm almost finished trimming the first pile of ironed scraps.  Last night I ironed up another big pile for my daily scrap trimming, and bagged all the remaining poly-cottons for flinging.  They filled a plastic grocery bag - about 10 yards worth.  The good news is that I won't have to trim them, although it hurts my heart to get rid of some of the fabrics.  There are some really pretty ones in the mix, but it seems that the prettier they are, the more they stink under a hot iron.  That must be a quilter's law or something.

My scrap bin is looking remarkably empty.  There are still six solidly filled plastic bags full of scraps at the bottom of the bin, but they are so compressed and flattened, the bin almost looks empty.

A lot of wasted time happens in the kitchen just standing and waiting - for coffee to brew, water to boil, baking to finish, etc.  After I moved a cutting mat to the kitchen counter, finding 15 minutes for daily trimming was no longer a problem.  Where do you waste the most time waiting?


  1. You are really making headway.
    "it seems that the prettier they are, the more they stink under a hot iron"
    *LOL* I'm sure it is in the rule book somewhere. Ask the quilt police next time you see one!

  2. Great work! You are making very good progress. Those six plastic bags full of scraps will be done in no time.
    Where do I waste time? Hmmm, boiling water, cooking, waiting for hubby to get up...since I work from home, there is always something to do, and time is not wasted.

  3. I figured out that the reason some fabric stinks (and it's fabric I've received in swaps or gifts) is that it was pre washed, and the washer used fabric softener. I hate the foodie smells. As for waiting--yes, the kitchen. Maybe I should set up an ironing board in there! I have a bag started of HSTs. Perhaps when I finish up all those 1.5" charms I'll have an HST project, too.