Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Great HST Caper

It's been a month since I posted about The Great HST Caper.  Wow, time flies!  I made the final choice on which block I want to use (4 blocks laid out on the design wall in the pic below) and today I figured out how to proceed with the block components.  I still haven't discovered what this block is called and have been referring to it as a modified depression block.

I'm going to make 4 patch components (and twirl the seams clockwise), then assemble the final blocks as 9 patches.

The plan... (My! that sounds efficient and organized, let me say that again)... the plan is to end up with a 60" x 72" flimsy (12.5" blocks laid out 5 x 6).  The calculator tells me that 30 blocks will use 1,080 HSTs from the box containing about 1200.  This seems like the most efficient way to proceed.  I can either chain piece in a marathon session, or I can proceed with it as a leader n' ender, or do it in a combination of both approaches.

Each block has 4 of these corners = 120 light left leaning lazy diamonds
and 120 dark left leaning lazy diamonds  (30 blocks x 4 corners)

And 1 of this 4 patch for each of the block centres = 60 dark flying geese

And each block requires 4 of these units = 120 dark flying geese and 120 light flying geese

I've written down the components I need on a post-it note that will sit on my sewing table.  I foresee a lot of counting in my immediate future.  I shall be very pleased to finally get these HSTs used up in a quilt top and off my unfinished list.  They have been on the back burner for almost ten years.

And to think, ten years ago I actually thought this was a good way to use up fabrics I didn't like in a quick scrappy project!  If you're laughing, you've got one of your own tales of woe to tell.

Now I think I'll enjoy a little mindless scrappy sewing in what's left of my Sunday.  I've got some foundation squares starched for string blocks, the 1.5" strip box open on the sewing table, a pile of teeny crumb strips to use as a leader n' ender, and a fresh pot of coffee brewed.


  1. These HST's all on the design wall truly looked like a very well-planned quilt design. It gave me a chuckle to know the 10 year process that you have described. You are winning!

  2. Looking good to me and boy to get that off your list should feel wonderful. You have been very productive and just love what you've done. Great job.

  3. Whatever you want to call this pattern, I will just call it good-looking!
    Love the "light, left, leaning, lazy diamonds". Great alliteration.
    Sometimes I think the term "quick scrap quilt" is an oxymoron. : )

  4. This is going to be an awesome quilt! I'm just wondering if it would be a lot less counting if your blocks were divided into four 9-patches that are all alike as far as where the lights and darks go. Then you just rotate them to form the overall pattern of your quilt.