Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Love Affair with Quilt Magazines

I love quilt magazines.  Half the time, I don't even want to make the quilts in them... I just want to look at the pictures and admire the work, the colours used, the new fabric lines (again and again).  About the time I decided to go no-buy on fabric, I made myself stop buying magazines.  I think that was even harder than staying away from fabric.  There's this super fantastic store within walking distance of my apartment and it carries a huge selection of quilting magazines from all over the world.  I can pick up all my favourite Australian quilting magazines there, along with all the fantastic issues published in the United States.  (If there is a Canadian magazine devoted to quilting, I've never seen it, otherwise I would have bought that too.)

I think sometimes you just have to take a huge giant step backwards (like in the kid's game Mother-may-I).  Big giant step back and pause, take the time to re-evaluate the stash and what you buy (maybe even why you buy it) and make some choices because you can't keep acquiring.  For me, that pause and self-analysis took almost a whole year.  Part of reorganizing the stash back in August involved purging print-outs and photo-copies, and even magazines.  I hauled about three bankers' boxes out to the dumpster (my heart aching with every staggering step beneath the load) and assigned myself the task of slowly reviewing what remained of my magazines one at a time to see if I wanted to save something from it.  But I haven't actually kept up with that little assignment.  No big surprise.  I'm great at starting things, but not so disciplined about follow-through.  Yet.  I should have added yet to the end of that sentence.

My goal is to reduce my saved magazines to one half of one book shelf.  I need to make room because I recently subscribed to two quilt magazines.  I know. I know.  But my sweet-faced little nephew (and godson) was selling subscriptions as a school fundraiser... and I caved.  (Thank goodness he wasn't selling chocolate too.)  Besides, I really really wanted quilt magazines back in my life again and I saved about 40% off the retail price by subscribing.  At that price, it's almost as if they were paying me to read them.

So tonight I grabbed a stack of about 15 magazines and will be flipping through them, ripping out any patterns I'm convinced I will actually make... some day.  (I can always go through the ripped out patterns again at a later date, right?)  So far, I'm averaging less than one pattern per magazine.


  1. This all sounds so familiar! I have tried not to buy magazines for some time, though I did recently break down and grab a couple. I have torn out patterns from magazines for years and placed them in clear sleeves in binders. They fill two large ringed binders and my downloaded patterns fill a medium binder. Recently I started to go through those and clear out the ones I know I will never make, but I haven't been consistently working on it, so I am not finished--though I have cleared out a lot!
    But I know if I was within walking distance of a store with all those magazines I'd probably be in trouble!

  2. They are so enticing! I have two quilt mags delivered and have started picking up Quiltmania when I can find it. I save most of them and love to spend a cold Sunday afternoon in the winter looking at them. I always find a few that no longer inspire me. Those I put on the free table at a guild meeting. I'm always struck with quilts I've marked and wonder why I marked them. I did do a purge several years ago and will probably have to do that soon. Persevere! That is dangerous living so close to a quick fix!

  3. I love quilt magazines too. I love looking, thinking about the ones I want to make...looking at the quilting ads. I do go back through mine occasionally, looking for ideas.

  4. i could easily be addicted to magazines but frugality reigns...

  5. If they make you happy and provide NEED them! I only have 1 subscription now and sometimes pick up random magazines for a treat!