Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Scrapping - Still Crumbing....

Today's crumb blocks......ta-dah!  The first one I've nicknamed fat cat in the stash (inspired by Lucas' repeated naughty forays onto the sewing table last night to poke around the crumbs and strings - looking for food no doubt.

And here's a pic of all the blocks so far.  <long silence, distant sound of sirens coming through the window>  I'm not sure what I'm feeling looking at this pic.  (click on the pic a couple of times to supersize it and you'll no doubt feel what I'm feeling.)  I don't know if I want to say Ewwwww or Wow!  It's reading as...hmmm... very colourful and rather happy (I think, rather cautiously).  Does anyone know how big we're making these things?!!!!

Some rather startling things I've learned about crumb piecing wonky blocks:

1.  No matter how large the box you place on the floor beside your chair to trim over, at least 25% of the threads and snippets will waft like falling leaves to land beside it.  If you open the patio door, it's 40%.

2.  The people who make ironing board covers are obviously in league with the people who make lint brushes.

3.  Crumbs (strings too), once fluffed a couple of times in a desperate effort to locate a particular fabric or colour, will no longer fit in their assigned bin.

I'm done with crumbs for the day.  I can only handle so much and then I feel like I'm in sensory overload.  I've cleaned up my sewing area and might get back to sewing this evening - maybe sewing bindings or making my sunny lanes sashing.  I have enough squares with lines drawn on the backs to make half of my sew n' flip corners.

Tomorrow is Modern Monday and it's also the start of a Quilt Party at  Jenifer Dick's blog Forty-Two Quilts.  I'm not sure what this party is all about, but anything that involves designers like Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, or Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie Studio, plus a few other recognizable names sounds interesting to me.


  1. Ok there, you have put me to shame. Your collection is wonderful. I'm not sure how big myself but I'm making mine twin size and boy do I need to get sewing. Your blog title fit me to a tee these days, can't seem to get anything done. Love the cat. Keep up the great work, someone needs to.

  2. Intersting quilt you have got there going! It is different, but I like it.

  3. LOVE this cat and your top so far ! XO

  4. Your observations of crumbing had me in stitches laughing right along with you! What a wonderful collection of blocks you have already! Good job!
    Vic in NH

  5. I like your crumb along blocks, they're so colorful! I haven't tried any words yet, even though I bought Tonya's book waaaaaay back in February. Great job!


  6. I laughed at the lessons you have learned...very funny!
    And your blocks are amazing! Excellent!