Thursday, October 20, 2011

So much for making a plan

Yeah....well.... sometimes we follows the plan....and sometimes we don't.

Didn't get to the Shady Lanes sashing fabric that I wanted to cut out.  Didn't make crumb blocks.  Didn't make string blocks.  I got distracted...  I started out to make crumb-along blocks, but about the time I pulled the 30th skinny strip out of the jumble that is the crumb pile, I lost patience with the whole mess and sat down to sort the entire bin.

I pulled out all the skinny little strips, and put them in a separate container.  These are the ones I'm joining and subcutting for my next crumb project as leaders n' enders.  I've already built up quite a pile of 1.5" wide subcuts.

I threw out a few handfuls of bits that are really too small to be bothered even trying to sew.  And this is what is left in the crumb bin.  I can actually see the sides of the bin, and the bottom.  Not to worry, as I trim those scraps from the big scrap bin, this thing is sure to fill up in no time.

And as I sorted, I found quite a pile of partially formed crumb blocks that I lost track of in earlier crumb piecing sessions.  They ended up at the bottom of the jumble - probably from fluffing the mass in search of colours and specific sizes.

And by the time I was done with all that, it occurred to me that if I wanted to watch the World Series game 2 tonight, that maybe I should attach the binding on my next UFO quilt so I could have some hand stitching to do.  I have two quilts still waiting for binding.  One is huge and I want to make bias striped binding for it, so I chose a smaller Christmas colours lap quilt.  It's been sitting in the waiting for binding pile for a couple of years.  I wasn't sure about this binding until I had it attached.  There's no black in my quilt top.  But now, I'm really liking how the gold lines curl around the quilt edge.  Just as well, since I have no intention of unsewing it now that it's attached.

No plan for tomorrow.  I think I'll just wing it - wait to see what I feel like doing.  No plan and nothing gets done... too many gotta-do lists in a row and it starts feeling like household chores.  There's got to be a happy medium in there somewhere.


  1. For not having a plan, it looked to me like you got a lot done. Organizing is a major event!

  2. It's so funny you wrote this today! I was just reading Bonnie Hunter's 10/20/11 post ("Introspection") and she talked about an article she read about "how not to mess up your life". #8 talks all about making plans.

    The article's take (and I agree): make the plan to test the soundness of your approach and then throw out the plan and see where the day takes you and follow that.

    It really reassured me that what I've been experiencing lately is normal and not just an extreme case of Quilter's ADD. And the proof is all that organized goodness you got out of an aborted plan!

  3. I think you and I must be distant relatives. I've been looking for my journal where I listed my UFOs and in the middle of the mess I found a table topper that needed binding. I started to sew it on and then picked up a magazine to look at. I didn't finish anything today, so tomorrow there is no plan. It looks like you did accomplish a lot, and I like your quilt binding.