Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Traditional Tuesday - Week 3

It's Traditional Tuesday and I've made my blocks.

Instructions to make the block are posted here.  And join us on the Flickr Group Pool and post your block pics.

My past track record on keeping up with Blocks-of-the-Month, or Blocks-of-the-Week is about 50-50. If a block is complicated and requires hours of cutting and piecing, the more I'm likely to fall behind because I'll put off doing that block until I have the right amount of time to do it all in one session. This is further compounded when the next complicated block comes out before I'm caught up.  Or worse, I get around to finally piecing my blocks, make a cutting mistake and the fabric store no longer has any of the fabric in the blocks.

These little 6" sampler blocks are wonderful - graphicly pleasing and quick to piece. There's no reason to put them off.  If you're thinking about jumping in and making these blocks as they're posted, don't worry about being a couple of weeks behind - the blocks really do work up super quick.

I've got a page of quick reference links to Jenifer's past blog posts and block instructions here.

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