Friday, October 14, 2011

String Block Recovery n' Crumbing

I figured out how to save the string block that I accidentally trimmed a 1/2" too short.  Here's the block measuring 8" x 8.5".

I sliced it in half through the middle stripe.

And sewed in a new fabric strip, lining up the pieces at the centre point so the two halves weren't too off kilter from each other (which would have made squaring it a bit of a problem).

Ta-dah!  Newly trimmed 8.5" square string block.  I had less than 1/8" to trim off to make it the right size.  No quilting gremlins throwing their weight around today it would seem.

I spent the next three hours making crooked log cabin blocks for my crumb project - Jo's post on the latest block tutorial is here => Crumb-Along Week 6.  I still have about an inch of fabric needed on each one of my blocks before it's the right size.  I just ran out of steam before I could finish them.  I think I picked up a cold or something visiting relatives last week... there were some suspicious sniffles under all the exuberant hugs....  anyway, giving in to the overall feeling of malaise (I just really feel yucky), I spent the rest of the day under an unfinished quilt attaching binding by hand and watching taped television on the PVR.

I could really use some home-made chicken soup right now.


  1. Good save on the block. I wouldn't have figured that out.
    Wish I was nearby. I make a dandy chicken soup--I can even make the noodles!

  2. What a clever save! Points to you.

  3. It's no fun being sick when you'd rather be sewing. Feel better soon. As for the tip about the block - I have a few that I trimmed too small also, but I saved them for a different project since I didn't know how to fix them. Now I do!