Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 4 - Blocks for the two samplers done

I was going to treat myself to a marathon sewing session today, to catch up on some sewing and because I was in withdrawal.  But then, I decided there were a few things I should get done, like unpacking, laundry, sheet changing, processing the garden vegetables I brought home... maybe vaccuuming (a home with a cat always seems so much hairier than a non-feline home).  I did get my blocks of the week sewn up before I made myself address the non-sewing items on my to-do list.

Modern Monday - Week 4

Traditional Tuesday - Week 4

I even put a pot roast in the oven, and have three vegetables to serve with it... and a fresh tomato salad.  This domestic goddess thing is a left-over of having visited with my mother and sisters over the weekend... their influence won't last.  I'll be back to sandwiches in no time.


  1. Well, the domestic goddess made some great looking blocks! The traditional are definitely more my style, but I think your fabric choices make the modern blocks very appealing, too. I've said it so much lately, I've never met a churn dash I didn't like, and your wonky ones in those rich colors make me smile!

  2. Nice blocks. Love the colors. I'm that way too after I visit my mom and sister - LOL.

  3. Great blocks. I tend to be traditional myself, but that modern stripey one is very appealing.

  4. I came to visit you from Lib-Quilters Yahoo Group-I'm "Kathleen in CT".
    I love all your work, I really do, both liberated and traditional. I've been doing liberated for awhile, but I still keep things controlled, usually by adding plain borders with corner squares with liberated blocks. But I always respond to traditional patterns and to symmetry. I scrolled down and I like your liberated sampler, too.
    I hope you'll post in our group often. Sometimes we get off topic, but we stay on as much as possible. Ask questions or add your opinion whenever you'd like.
    Kathleen in CT