Monday, October 17, 2011

Finished at last - five year old swap blocks

Another finish to report.

This is a group of blocks I swapped with online quilters five years ago...  I'm over blushing about how old my UFOs are and just celebrate the finishes when they happen.  I put the last stitches into the binding around 1:00 am this morning and will be sleeping under this quilt when I finally get around to going to bed. Hooray! The colours on this quilt make me happy and lift my spirits - though the quilt seems better suited for spring or summer rather than fall/winter decor. It brightened up my bedroom like a sunny day and that was good enough for me. The pattern we chose for our swap was taken from the book Nine Patch Reunion by Terry Atkinson.  It seemed a good choice for the different skill levels of the participating swappers.

I flipped the quilt up to show you a pic of the backing.  My green plaid wasn't quite long enough so I sliced through the fabric and added in a row of 8.5" orphan star blocks.

I started making 8.5" sawtooth stars some years ago and like my box full of scrappy four patches, didn't notice how many I had made until I got into the triple digits.  I don't know why, but I can hyper-focus on the details of a task to the point that I don't notice the bigger picture.  In the case of the star blocks, it started innocently enough as an exercise in perfecting my seam allowance and getting perfect crisp star points.  I resolved to make stars until I felt proficient and got in the habit of making them.  That habit landed me with a stack of star blocks for which I had no specific plan.  I finished a quilt for my mother using up some of the stars, blogged about in early September.  Here's the pic again.  I named this one My Mom's Garden Sparkles.

I still have a stack of red and blue stars in my orphan block box.  I think I've mentioned before that I seem to go about things the long-way around.  While others pick a pattern and sew components for it, I seem to be quite happy sewing components and then finding a way to use them up at a later date.


  1. Yeah! Another finish! Well done and congratulations. The colours are beautiful.
    Enjoy sleeping underneath it tonight.

  2. I need to use you for my inspiration! I have a lot of these to finish.

    Great job, it is beautiful!

  3. Interesting post, Michele. I often start a quilt with a block I love and not really knowing how I'm going to use it. What's not to love about scrappy stars? yours are both beautiful! love the pieced back.

  4. I don't know what they call that block pattern in Nine Patch Reunion, but in my book it is Sister's Choice and it is one of my favorites!! I didn't read blogs yesterday, so I was just scrolling through to see how many I had to catch up on . When I saw the photo on yours it stopped me in my tracks. I love this quilt, who cares what season!?! It is beautiful and I think you should sleep under it and love it, no matter the season.
    BTW, at my house 5 years isn't bad for a UFO finish--congrats!
    I love that you just sew up stars and then decide what to do with them. My kind of quilter! You go girl! Your Mom's Garden quilt is lovely.

  5. Michele, your quilts are so darned pretty! I just love that they are sporting orphans on the backs! Nice work!