Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Scrapping - Crumb Along Blocks

First thing this morning, with coffee in hand and laptop warmed up, I clicked my way over to Suzanne's blog Colorado Lady to look at her crumb block progress.  She had made letters!  I left her a complimentary comment, answered a few emails, then got to work on my Saturday list.

My daily 30 HSTs got squared up, I trimmed two quilts, and made binding for them.  Then I sat down and drew lines on the back of squares for my sew n' flip corners for the Sunny Lanes sashing.  That got tedious really quick and after I made myself do enough to make eight blocks, I logged back in and found Suzanne's response to my comment.  She said the letter blocks were fairly easy and she didn't even have the book.  I  don't have the book yet either, it's on my to-buy list for my next trip to the fabric store.  But with Suzanne's assurance and suggestions, I thought I'd try my skill at making letters.  Anything to not have to draw lines on the backs of squares.

My first word is the size of two crumb bocks.  I'm thinking it will go in the border somewhere, not sure how.....

The L, O and E were fairly easy.  The V was a bit more challenging, but with the use of my Dear Jane pyramid ruler, I got the angles that worked for me.  After admiring the word for a little while (and feeling a little smug), I thought I'd try another - going with the idea of "words of wisdom to live your life by".  So I decided to make the word SING.

The S and I were done in no time.  For the N, I again used my Dear Jane ruler.  The G was a bit of a nightmare.  If I hadn't already finished S-I-N, it clearly would have been a "forget this" situation.  But as the first three letters were done, and looked darn good, and I couldn't leave it at the word SIN (not exactly a word to live your life by, though many do), so I struggled through, ripped out a few times, muttered under my breath, and finally ended up with a G that looked like a G.  Some other words I'm considering:  dance, laugh, pray... 

My crumb bin is full of thin strips and that made sewing letters kind of a natural project.  Made a few more random crumb blocks while I was at it.  Kind of the small crumb version of Lego Blocks on Lazy Gal Quilting Blog.

I should have sewed bindings on those two quilts before I started crumbing - my sewing table is in a state of complete creative chaos and I'm not ready to put everything away just yet.  This crumb project is becoming an obsession.


  1. Very successful letter blocks. I already tested an alphabet but i don't know what to write on this quilt !

  2. Your word blocks are awesome!!

  3. OH, how FANTASTIC these look!!! I know you have a good feeling, because I did too when I finished. Funny, the "S" gave me fits, and I like it the least, but then again, it is ok, it is a crumb quilt. I am as excited for you about your fantastic letter crumbs!! They look great.

    I should have warned you, I usually don't buy books or patterns. I just look at something and figure out how to do it...right or wrong. LOL. I am so glad my semi-directions were able to be followed!! You should be so proud.....they are wonderful....better really than mine!!!

  4. You did awesome on your words - once you get the hang of it, they get easier as you go. This will be a great quilt - I'm loving it already.

    doni @ Oregon coast