Friday, September 23, 2011

Auditioning Fabric for the Samplers

I've decided to join in on making the samplers hosted by Jenifer Dick on her blog Forty-Two Quilts
The first blocks for Modern Monday and Traditional Tuesday have already been posted, so I need to get moving on this before I fall behind.

I spent a bit of time digging through stash yardage and auditioning fabric.  I don't have any solid orange or solid grey.  Grey?!!!  No insult intended to anyone who likes the look, but yuck.  Who got to decide that the go-to colours for modern should be orange and grey?  I've got some yellowish orange, some peachy-orange, some cheddar orange, some floral orange.... no, not these.

There's the oranges, yellow and turquoise I just bought... I could add to these from my stash of brights... I'm just not ready to use these new ones just yet.

Then I found these...

And some 10" squares of blacks and oranges.  Aha!  I'm going to make my modern in Hallowe'en colours.  Tomorrow, I'll dig around in the strip bins and see what else I can pull that will go with all of these.

I also found another large Christmassy floral - don't know what it was doing in with the orange and black.  Maybe I should double check my fabric stash for other misplaced yardage....  This is definitely a good candidate for the pillowcase sew-in I'm going to be hosting in October.  I just have to put it somewhere I won't forget it again.

For the Traditional sampler, I'm leaning towards browns and pinks.  I definitely have enough yardage and scraps and strips to make that work for me.

Tomorrow, I think I'll make some blocks.  Oh yeah...and the 9 patch - I definitely am going to finish that 9 patch.

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