Saturday, September 3, 2011

UFO Box - 2006 BOM: Vintage Stitches

I've only uploaded pics of 3 of my12 blocks.

Because Connie left a comment about liking the colours of the UFO at the top of the box, I was encouraged to pull the blocks out and think about it for awhile.  I found a pic on a blog of a completed 2006 Vintage Stitches quilt here.

I chose to hand embroider over the black lines in the centres of my blocks (I didn't like the dashed black lines of the faux embroidery panel). It took three strands of real embroidery floss to completely cover those lines. Others chose to use fabric paint or crayons, colouring their blocks as you can see in the one at the pic link. Still others in the club at the LQS I attended, chose to use a completely different centre because they didn't like the faux embroidery fabric either.

I have 12 completed blocks - 16.5" in size that are waiting to be lovingly finished and while I don't have the finishing kit from the 2006 Thimbleberries fabric line, I do have quite a bit of suitably dark complimentary fabric I can use between the blocks and as a border.

Note to self:  It doesn't have to be finished in the exact manner (or fabrics) as shown in the pattern.

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