Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peeking - Box # 9

Box # 9 is really a box-and-a-half.  First the half box.  Ta-dah!  It's filled with scrappy two-sies, that is to say scrappy two patches.  These were all sewn as Leader n' Ender as I stitched away on other projects and blocks.

The bigger box contains, scrappy 4-patches (3.5" unfinished) made by sewing together the two-sies, and scrappy 16-patches (6.5" unfinished) made from combining four 4-patches.  Ummm... the box is 4" deep and it's full to overflowing.  I think there's enough here to make two full size quilts, at least.  I wasn't paying attention to how they were piling up.... this is what happens when you are completely distracted.

The problem is, I don't remember what quilt pattern I had in mind when I started sewing these darn things.  I'm going on the assumption that I originally had a plan - this makes me feel better about the whole obsessive sewing with a distracted mind thing.  So I've been auditioning quilt patterns to use these up.  Here's some that I found appealing.

or I could alternate the 16-patch blocks with snowballs, creating that star point effect...  but all these ideas require either sewing another batch of components (not that I'm necessarily opposed to that idea) or creating even more bonus HSTs.  I'm steadily working on trimming up that box of over 1,000 HSTs as it is.

I'm leaning towards Scrappy Patchwork Quilt I saw on the Scraps n' Threadtales Blog.  I really like that one - and I could use some 3.5" squares and cut up random 3.5" strips from an overflowing bin to create the same effect.

I did a search on postage stamp quilts and found even more finished quilts that are pretty awesome!  I rather like the idea of bordering the patchwork blocks with a churn-dash (or is it called hole-in-the-barn?) like a this beauty I saw on My Current Obsessions Blog.

So many ideas.  I'll let you know what I decide...

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