Thursday, September 1, 2011

Talk to the... Tail!

Minor glitch in posting peeks into boxes as I reorganize the stash... my camera battery seems to be letting me down.  So, I thought I'd share a couple of pics I managed to upload before my plans were side-lined.  I picked up a couple of quilting magazines today when I was out running errands.  I know... I know.... buying more magazines when I have three book shelves full of books, patterns, magazines and print-outs to sort through sounds particularly counter-intuitive.  But I couldn't help myself.

Talk to the tail!  Fat cat, Lucas, has been out of sorts since I began reorganizing and moving boxes around.  He managed to get himself locked into my closet yesterday for a couple of hours before I noticed he was missing (he's not accustomed to me being able to shut the door).  When he's upset with me, he sits or lays in front of me with his back to me and pretends he can't hear me.  Right now, he's annoyed because I'm not responding to his begging for treats.  This is when he pulls out all the stops and lays down on whatever I'm reading or working on, like my fabric pieces.

He came to visit temporarily three years ago and stayed.  I assure you he was already fat when I got him!  Honest!  Twenty-five pounds of furry love!  I've tried to put him on a diet a couple of times, but then his normally gentle and affectionate nature disappears.  He bites!  Poor old thing!  He's 14 (or maybe 16, I'm not actually sure) and has arthritis in addition to a serious carb addiction.  He's a good room-mate though and usually stays away from my quilting stuff, unless it's in a garbage bag... he must have been a stray at some point in his life because he can't resist shredding garbage bags to see what's inside.

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