Saturday, September 3, 2011

The UFO Box

It's huge! one of those double banker's boxes.  It's dusty!  It weighs a ton!  And I've left it to the very last because I'm afraid to open it.  I'm nearly done purging the patterns and magazines.  I've cleared out three shelves on my book case, which means the overflow from the fabric cabinet can sit on the shelves.

I even found a bag of half yard cuts of purples in a box of patterns and magazines.  My stash doesn't have many purples, still... I can't help wishing they were oranges, yellows, reds or neutrals.  I never have enough of those somehow.

My friend Chantal dropped by for coffee (and to feed treats to my fat cat).  She's working on organizing her own overflow of arts n' craft supplies (she paints, beads, and sews).  She thought I could put these nesting boxes to good use.  They're certainly more attractive than my usual cardboard!  They're too small for my ongoing WIPs.  Maybe thread or sewing notions.... hmmmm.

Well... I've dilly-dallied long enough.  It's time to review and priortize the unfinished projects and get rid of the last box.  Peeling off the lid....

Yeah.  It's full.  Ya know?  I think I need another cup of coffee.......... I haven't vaccuumed in a couple of days and when you have a cat, you really can't let it go that long..... and maybe my kitchen floor needs a really good scrub.....

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  1. I really like the look of that brown and gold top under in the box....