Friday, September 23, 2011

Washing Flannel & Lost Pillowcases

Sooooo, what's happening over at the Distracted Quilter's place?  Wonder what she's doin' today to avoid finishing that 9patch quilt?  Heh..heh...heh... you already know me so well.

I looked at the 9patch when I got up.  I did, so!  And I remembered that I needed more washed muslin to finish it.  I might not have bothered washing muslin for the itty-bitty-strips I need ... only I have witnessed for myself just how much muslin shrinks - holy dinah!  And since the $20 flannel I'm going to experiment with will be the batting for same said 9 patch, and it needed to be washed and dried...twice, that kind of set the tone for the day.  I took my laundry down to the basement and stayed the entire three hours it took to get everything done.  The time normally spent in laundry enjoyment enhanced by washing and drying the flannel load twice.  It's a remarkably hot day here today, 10 degrees hotter than average for late September (that's 20 degrees hotter, you fahrenheit people).  Once again, my timing really sucks.  Why do I do this to myself?

I took along the quilt I was binding and made quite a bit of headway, until I could no longer stand the heat of the day, combined with the heat of the hot water and hot dryer, and a quilt on my lap.  Did I cook anything for supper?  No way!  One more moment near a heat source of any kind and I will melt into a puddle.

Here's my pile of flannel and muslin.  (I can't believe I'm posting a pic of my laundry - blogging certainly does strange things to a person's behaviour!)   I did take the time to iron the muslin, but I am not going back near the iron til the air cools off by another fifteen degrees in here.

When I reorganized my stash, I found some sets of pillowcases I made and intended to give as Christmas gifts... was it two years ago?  Hmmm.  I gave them a swish through the laundry as well.  Now I'm already ahead of the game, gift wise, for this upcoming Christmas.  It wouldn't do to give someone a gift that smells musty.

Aren't these little guys adorable!  I have about a yard of this left in my stash.

I have a great deal more yardage left of this bright red and canteloupe-orange floral.  I always intended to make a scrappy quilt and use this for the borders.  I've made the pillowcases but have yet to start on the quilt.

And here they are, all nicely folded in sets of two.  I will be hosting a pillowcase sew-in day for my sewing friends  sometime in October.  I'm just waiting for everyone to confirm what weekend works best for them.

I love making pillowcases (there's a pillowcase link in the tutorials section of my blog).  First, they are fast to make.  Second, you can use up 1.5 yards of fabric if you make a pair.  Third, they really stand out as one of a kind.  Who else has a set of raccoon pillowcases with an oriental green cuff?  Now, if you've over-indulged in the fabric department...don't despair... make it a habit to produce a set of pillow cases with every quilt you make.  It's a good stash reducer.  Put the gift quilt and second pillowcase inside the first pillowcase and now you don't even need wrapping - so making them will save you oodles on gift boxes and wrapping paper.

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