Monday, September 5, 2011


Small Christmas kits I've received as gifts or won as door prizes.

This Thimbleberries Kit of fabric and pattern was a gift from a very generous and kind friend in my Sewing Circle.

So was this one.

I used to have more of these purchased kits, with pattern and fabric, but I stole fabric out of them for other projects.  Then faced with the problem of replacing the fabrics with a suitable alternative, I decided that I preferred to use the remaining fabric in other projects to making the pattern and dismantled them, adding the fabrics to my stash, and the patterns to my book case.  As these two were gifts, I've left them whole fully intending to complete them.  But they've lain forgotten at the bottom of my UFO box.

I've also kitted my own projects from stash and scraps.  That's where the old cardboard box comes in handy.  If you spend hours pulling fabric strips and squares together for a project, you need to be able to keep them together and separate from the rest of the stash.

There's a couple of bundles I've kept out of stash.  The first one I've nicknamed Lemonade n' Tequila, fabrics in search of a pattern with enough yardage for lots of yummy left-overs for my stash and I can't believe all the fabrics are still together and intact.  As I've said, I have a bad habbit of raiding kits.

This next bundle of fabrics, I've collected to make Judy Martin's Shakespeare in the Park pattern.

Hawaiian florals (a gift), with brilliant blue and sand coloured tonals and the blue/white floral for backing.  I'm going to call it Aloha Shakespeare.  It's been on my wanna-do list for a very long time.

And then there's that big bag of Christmas fabrics, plus the two Christmas fabrics I found in my bin cleanup.  I've grouped all the Christmas themed pieces together.

So there it is, all the kitted bundles in my Kits Drawer.

Is it any wonder I'm thoroughly distracted?!

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