Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Come Crumb Along With Us!

Crumb Along!

A Crumb Along is starting today at Jo's Country Junction and I'm going to play.

It's in my nature to give in to temptation.  That's why, despite my promise to not start anything new until I finished at least five unfinished projects, I'm not only giving in to temptation but am doing so without guilt.  I'm so excited about starting something new.  I love crumb piecing.  It may seem counter-intuitive to be both a perfectionist and a devoted crumb piecer - kind of like wanting to colour inside the lines and outside the box at the same time.  Crumb piecing is liberating.  It is exactly because there are no rules about colour, shape or placement that makes it so attractive.  It lets the subconcious quilter out to play for awhile.


  1. Wee-ha! I am so glad you are crumbing along with us.

  2. I am "giving in to temptation" also...can't wait to get started!