Friday, September 2, 2011

Peeking - Box # 10

Box # 10 is a set of three - one large box and two smaller satelite boxes - more to keep items sorted.  The first pic is the small crumbs, bits and pieces - strips less 8" long and narrower than 1.5" and small trimmings.

The strings reside in the biggest box to minimize creasing - these are strips at least 1" wide but not quite 1.5", or trimmings off blocks more than 8" long.

I like to make crumb blocks (log cabin style) with these bits.  Click on the link called Crumb Chaos in the Tutorials Section of my blog.

Then piece them together to make a larger block like these four.

The last batch of blocks is waiting for borders.  I sashed it in black with white muslin corner stones.

It's big enough to be a full size double bed quilt.  Good quality quilting fabrics cost upwards of $20 per metre here.  At $20 per metre, a bag with enough bits to make a full size quilt.... I just can't throw it out.  And I think they make a cool quilt.

The second satelite box contains the weird little corner that's left over after I cut the two charm quilt shapes from the various charm pack fabrics.  I thought I'd experiment crumb piecing them.

They don't go as quickly as log cabin style, but they're a novelty to work with, even if the wonky triangles don't always work the way I think they should.

Two years ago I emptied the crumbs & strings box when making the black sashed crumb quilt.  It doesn't take long to fill them up again.

Once the ladies in my sewing circle saw that I really did use the small bits, they began offering me their "scraps".  I've learned the definition of "scrap" is vastly different for many.  My scraps are the tiny bits shown in the pics.  But for some quilters the scrappy discarded cuts can be as big as a half yard after they finish a project because they don't do scrappy.  As a result of their incredible generosity, my strip bins (and my crumbs) are much more diverse this time around.

My next project from these discards with be a string project.  I've been inspired recently.

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  1. Great work. That quilt is great and I love the black and white sashing. I too have started making crumb blocks and somehow, no matter how many I make, there is always more in the bucket!