Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini Travel Sewing Kit

I'm packing for a five-day trip to the family homestead and taking along two bed-size quilts to hand bind - did I mention we are expecting our hottest weather of the summer this weekend?!   I've never been known for my timing!  Hopefully I can get my sewing done in the evenings when it cools off otherwise I'll be sweltering as I bind.

I'll be taking the bus up to Red Deer and catching a ride with relatives from there so I'm trying to pack light.  I've made up a little sewing kit to take with me.  I'm using a hard-shell case for eye-glasses, $1 at the dollar store.  This one is especially nice as it snaps closed and has a thumb glide release to open it.  This reduces the chance of it getting jostled and opening in my bag.  I've got a couple of these cases (different colours) in my sewing basket.  They're handy for grouping the smaller items and keeping them from falling to the bottom.

For this trip, I've tucked in some thread, needles, thimble, seam ripper, embroidery scissors, needle threader, and my little emery filled strawberry (just because it looks cute in there).

I've already warned them I will not help butcher chickens, hang wallpaper, or paint anything! But... in the spirit of congenial good-sport relative I will do dishes and wash windows if they feed me and supply the cold beer.

I'll be getting back in time for the official start of the Crumb Along which starts on Tuesday.  I've tidied up the apartment so my cat sitter won't cluck her tonque at my mess... I'd much rather have spent some time sorting and petting crumbs.  I'm itching to start something new.  I'm hoping that getting away for a few days will save me from this growing compulsion and that the crumb piecing on Tuesday will satisfy that itch.

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  1. I hope you have a great time. The crumb along is mighty tempting. I've been cleaning and organizing, and my box of scraps is well, more than a box.